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Wanted to buy, set of elk hard  antlers. Must be 14 pointer typical. Minimum score 400 or better. Phone Mike 0274392444
Top Elk Semen for sale from Mayfield Elk Farm. Collected Feb 2019. Two amazing bulls, click here for the DUKE and here for SAVANNA
Wanted quality sire elk bull,  must do better than 20 kg's of  velvet ph Paul 027 2924424
Wanted to buy, 3yr elk/wap bull over 80% on the genometer, must have parentage, over 400 kgs January weight with a nice style of velvet. Would purchase or swap of simlar weight etc. ph  0274344593
HELP PLEASE At O'Hara Game Estate we present by arrangement, information about deer,deer farming etc. Last group was 40 Australian Students, prior to them 30 Singaporean Hospitality students. Present examples of the various species introduced to NZ ,how they were established, selection for farming, farming practise and finally details on product production and availability. Each species is represented by a "european " mounted antlered male and female skull. The problem is I do not have an Elk/Wapiti antlered skull ,only a set of cut off antlers. We would like to beg borrow buy (not steal) skulls to best represent that species Not trophy heads just good representation.. Can you help???? nzarcher@gmail.com 07533 1484 Love to hear from you