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Picture: Simple............a red hind mated naturally to a Wapiti bull! Look after the bull and he'll look after you and your bank account!  Thanks Lynda Gray of Countrywide for the photo.

If you are seeking a simple venison breeding program without all the hassle of an AI program (why would you Ai for venison anyway?) our EWSNZ members have a vast combined knowledge of venison production and sire selection. We strongly advise you to contact any of the Elk-Wapiti Society members listed on sire sales page. Any venison processor will tell you that elk-wapiti sired animals have been and always will be, the corner stone of the New Zealand venison industry! Accept nothing else because there is nothing else! Elk/Wapiti venison sires are the proven venison production sire!   If you need a current example from an independant source read here  

update............ April 2015:  A further article again from an independant source, will give you straight forward conclusion on the value of using wapiti venison production sires.  read here

update............ June 2015:  DPT (Deer Progeny Test) results are finally publically released read here
Fact: mating a Wapiti Bull to your Red Hinds is simply utilizing mother nature and allows you to take advantage of maximum biological efficiency. Some sectors "believe that some increase in the size of the average commercial hind is necessary to improve the mothering ability required to raise a fast growing fawn" This is simply not true. Further an increase in mature hind weight means a drop in hind numbers. You do not need to sacrifice breeding hind numbers when you use Wapiti sires.


Invermay research into lactation of Red hinds has shown that udder development is positively stimulated by a hybrid foetus compared to a red foetus. After birth it was shown that a Red hind feeding a hybrid fawn will produce a third more milk than if she were feeding a red fawn.
The 12 month carcass weights (as indicated in the picture) for Wapiti x Red and Red x Red are based on growth rates and weight data published by numerous Invermay scientists, Dr. Alastair Nicol from Lincoln University, DeerMaster Deer Industry Manual and DeerSouth performance monitoring and benchmarking group.

Red Stags with high eBV’s for growth (WT12eBV) have been identified on the DEERSelect database. Take care when interpreting these. For example you use a stag with a +20kg eBV for 12month weight.  That means his progeny will be 10kg (half the genetics come from the hind) heavier at 12 months. 10kg livewight means an extra 5.5kg carcass weight.

12 month Carcass weight:-
Red                  X                     Red                 =47kg
Red (+20kg eBV for WT12) X Red=47 + 5.5=52.5kg
Wapiti                X                   Red                 =64kg

Genetic Gain is permanent but slow and gradual
Hybrid Vigour is instant!
A well fed 3 yr elk-wapiti bull will easily mate up to
40 females ranging in size from 110 kg red deer,
through to a pure elk cow.


Post rut care is essential! A drench plus trace elements along with a spell away from non-mating males is stronglyrecommended.


We DO NOT recommend pour-on drenches for elk. 


Elk-Wapiti venison sires are and always will be the corner stone of the New Zealand Venison industry.   


Proven and practical!


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