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Velvet is an amazing tissue that elk and wapiti bulls produce in spring each year. This highly vascular mammalian tissue grows very quickly and when harvested at the correct time maintains optimum quality of product. Velvet has been used for centuries in Oriental medicine to aid human well-being and good health. In recent decades research by Western scientists has identified a range of extracts in velvet with human health benefits.


Elk & Wapiti Velvet Grading Guidelines are available to assist farmers with the timing of their harvesting decisions.  Velvet weight and beam diameter are the primary measurements but style and length are also considerations.

Elk-Wapiti-Supreme is the top grade of velvet which traditionally commands a premium in the market over all other grades of velvet across all breeds in New Zealand.


The Elk and Wapiti Society hold a Velvet Antler Competition each year. This caters for both velvet and hard antler and is reliant on the support of our sponsors.  Since its inception in 1998 has been the showcase for elk and wapiti velvet. In 15 years the average weight in the Open Class has risen from 9.8kg to 15.2kg . In 2022 the New Zealand velvet record elk bull "Nepia" owned by Tikana Wapiti stud grew a new record head of 30.2 kg. (66.57 lbs). 

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