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"Luther" 10kg 23 cm beam EWSupreme @ 3yrs

"Zac" 9.1kg 22cm beam EWSupreme @yrs

Our objective" at Tikana is to breed genetically superior animals for the benefit of the New Zealand deer industry.

• Produce sires whose progeny are fast growing – sires with high eBVs for Growth Rate
• Produce sires that will cut >10kg EWSupreme each year
• Produce sires whose progeny are high yielding – a greater proportion of carcass in the high value cuts
• Produce sires with genetic resilience to parasites


This pdf has background information on the animals on offer in our 2014 sale


For information prior please contact the vendor Dave Lawrence ph 03 236 4117 or email



"Nelson" 9.5kg 21cm beam  EWSupreme @ 3yrs

<  "Moseby" 22.5cm EWSupreme @ 3yrs

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