2016 Sire sale results

Connemara had a total clearance at auction, Sale bulls  were  the evenest  line we have produced with only 3 bulls  2 kgs under 300 kgs  bidding was spasmodic resulting in some good buying for clients . Top price  $6800 average price for the 34 bulls on offer  was $3815                         Murray Hagen


Tikana A good sale with 14 of 16 bulls selling for an average just under $9200. Notable sales included a 3 year old cutting 9.7kg of EWSupreme purchased by Tracey McLean of Sheffield for $21,000. Ray and Chris Jennings paid $28,000 for the top bull. He cut a New Zealand record 14.2kg EWSupreme velvet at 3 years. Yearling cows sold for $3000 and MA cows sold for $3-4000.Prices paid for the 14 bulls sold represent an excellent investment. A realistic estimate of velvet grown at the end of this year and assuming $130/kg then the average return on purchase price is 20%. Where else can you get a ROI like that!! That return is from velvet alone and any benefit from using them for mating is on top of that!!             Dave Lawrence