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​There is no disputing the fundamental principle that the most biologically efficient system to produce fast growing progeny is to use a large sire over a small dam. This is the cornerstone of venison production in New Zealand – mating a Wapiti bull to a red hind.
A benchmark of deer farm profitability is fawning percentage and there a many management factors to consider to optimise your results. A successful mating is essential. Deer are seasonal breeders with a well-defined period of activity referred to as “the roar” or “the rut”. Good management of your Wapiti sire bulls has been shown to produce excellent results on par with the best obtained anywhere in the New Zealand deer industry  (refer to the Deer Master Deer Industry Manual and also DeerSouth performance monitoring and benchmarking data)
To realise this potential management of Wapiti and Elk sire bulls at mating and year-round is crucial. Click on the blue to read more about these Crucial mating factors.  
Elk Artificial Insemination (Ai) is crucial to move forward with herd progress and the exchange of desired genetic material between herds is best achieved using Ai. Introduction of new genetics via Ai generally means an affordable method of herd improvement. To best explain the methods surrounding a successful Ai program we are fortunate to have the advice of Dr Martin Wenkoff of Canada. Martin would be one of the leading authorities in elk Ai and we would strongly advise you closely read his advice here before conducting an elk Ai program.  
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