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New Zealand elk are an important component of the

bigger New Zealand trophy industry.


Visitors to this country come to this end of the earth to

secure a red deer stag,chamois, bull tahr and

New Zealand Wapiti (elk).


Members of the Elk Wapiti Society

annually produce trophy wapiti to supply live animals

to the New Zealand outfitting community.

Growing trophy wapiti is not for the faint hearted

and subsequently it tends to be a specialist activity

among elk breeders.


A small number of mature hard antler heads

make it to the EWSNZ Velvet-Antler competition arena but most hard antler now tends to be sold on the live animal.


The Society offers to members a seasonal price

guide for values of New Zealand trophy wapiti and we are very proud of the quality of trophy animals now

being produced in the South Pacific region.     

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