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The farming of deer in New Zealand since the late 1970’s reflects the last animal to be domesticated by man for centuries. The challenges associated with this have been huge but fascinating.


During this short history we have learnt some valuable management lessons to successfully farm Elk and Wapiti as we do today   Elk and Wapiti are magnificent animals but at the same time are imposing in size.


The correct handling of elk is essential for successful farming and having suitable facilities does ensure best results for both farmer and deer.  An understanding of animal health is essential for the farming of any livestock - elk and wapiti are no exception.


There are aspects of animal health peculiar to elk and wapiti that should be understood including internal parasites, copper and Rye Grass Staggers.  The management of your breeding stock to optimize reproduction plays a vital role in the successful farming of Elk and Wapiti.  Click here for video of elk handling and facilities  video  

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