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Elk Wapiti Supreme is the top grade of velvet which traditionally commands a premium in the market over all other grades of velvet across all breeds in New Zealand.


Elk-Wapiti-Supreme  velvet is a grade developed by the Elk & Wapiti Society in conjunction with Deer Industry New Zealand in the early 1990’s. Genetically velvet is a highly heritable trait and this has allowed significant progress in the weight and quality of velvet produced. Unlike other breeds of deer farmed in New Zealand it soon became apparent that the large beam diameters elk and wapiti framers were producing meant they could grow velvet longer with no compromise to the quality of the product. Hence the Elk Wapiti Supreme grade was identified.


E/W Supreme Velvet needs to have a beam diameter of 20cm and each stick should weigh 4kg and above. Elk Wapiti Supreme velvet is sought after product by the market and maintains a price premium for producers. The volume of product in this grade is steadily increasing and 20kg heads of velvet with 25cm beam are not uncommon. 

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